Christian Heating and Air Conditioning | Debunked Myths About Your Furnace
Jan 21, 2019

Debunked Myths About Your Furnace

There are various myths about your furnace that you may have heard when the cold weather appears; you obviously will do anything you can to save money just by keeping your home warm and toasty. Any methods you feel comfortable with that will save on your next electric bill will make sense, or does it? Turning Up Your Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Quickly Never believe that just by turning up your thermostat will quickly heat your home because it will not. If you do, you will only make your

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Christian Heating and Air Conditioning | Resolve to Get a New Gas Furnace
Jan 04, 2019

Resolve to Get a New Gas Furnace

Home improvement projects can be quite a pain. One home improvement project that homeowners should consider is the purchase of a new furnace. It can be costly when it is first purchased; however, homeowners would save more money long term if they have a furnace that is working efficiently. As homeowners start paying their utilities' bill, they will see a big difference in the pricing. Before purchasing a new furnace, it is important to contact a heating and air professional. They will be able

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Dec 18, 2018

New Years Resolutions for Your Home

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions at the end of the year. However, it is also a good time to make some New Year’s resolutions for your home. Clutter Cleanup One very effective way to feel better about your home is to get rid of the clutter. Most of us acquire many things throughout the year, but when we don’t purge our cabinets and drawers on a regular basis, it becomes difficult to find what we are looking for. And, clutter makes our homes look messy even when it is clean. So, go from room

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